Against being original


You see, one of my core beliefs that led me into starting writing here is that the world can be seen from two radically different perspectives. One is the perspective of seeing the world as a spontaneous manifestation where everything happens in the present moment. This is the liberal point of view where individuals are responsible for their choices which are always made at “free will”.

The other perspective is the conservative point of view where the world is perceived as a deterministic mechanism, where there is not really a “free will” and everything is predetermined, and this subject if we have a destiny or not can continue indefinitely.

Now, I am not going to take any of this sides here, from a personal point of view it doesn’t really matter which way you see the world, and to tell you the truth, I am inclined to kind of stand in balance between the two perspectives.

What I am trying to say here is that from the two perspectives, this blog is heavily biased towards the second view. So if you cannot really create something new , I will just follow the path that is in front of me and write what I have to write, the point will be made later. Trying to be original here is a vanity that I am not going to pursue, and the whole idea of this blog is to copy information with variation and selection.

The last statement is of crucial importance and is derived from a recent discovery made by Richard Dawkins in the late 80’s. He is an authority in the studies of evolution and genetics etc. (see his famous book “The selfish gene”). His most remarkable conclusion was that:

If any organized system that exhibits these three characteristics:

  1. Variation – copies are created with little variation.
  2. Selection – or survival, these copy population have to compete and cooperate.
  3. Heredity – or passing on learning to the offspring’s.


This system must evolve (design itself out of chaos without the aid of a mind).

So, everything that you will read here is more or less copied from other sources and I am not going to give you any references from where. Let’s say that is my work for many years of digging through countless number of books and materials that seemed relevant to me. So don’t waste your time thinking about “my intelligence”, think about my ability to replicate things, copyright,,,,

The first characteristic exhibited here is that these materials and ideas are not exactly the same than what the original author had. There is variation from the original and even though the urge was to fundamentally change the original view with my own, the alteration of the original is rather small.

When it comes to selecting what to publish from the large number of materials and ideas, I must admit that is getting more difficult not being “original”. There are just too many possibilities, so let’s just say that the selection process is where my own originality kind of “leaks out”.

You could actually feel my own consciousness in this post, just be aware that is pretty much an illusion. (the post “Against the consciousness” will follow soon, so make sure you stay posted).

The third quality, the “heredity” is what drives me to actually write.

You see, if I would just talk with a couple of people about these things, the ideas would have probably persist for a little while in the mind and then fizzle out. But written texts have a much better chance to survive, I guess that’s why they wrote the Bible, Koran, etc. What is written is written and it cannot be changed. I just started writing few months ago and nobody is reading this right now, but how about in 10 years from now? Would you be able to start fresh and compete against me? Right now I am using my own brain to replicate, vary, select and transmit ideas, but soon I am going to use yours as well if you don’t use it yourself.

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