The Power of Letting Go!

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This last step is very important as a closing step in the visualizing sequence exercise. Just to remind you, the secret key to successfully mental rehearse, is to always be able to visualize in the following sequence:  “dissociated” first and then “associated” to follow.

The closing step of the sequence is that, once you’ve done your visualization for the day, you must dismiss it from your mind and LET IT GO!

Too many times, we are taught that to get something we really want or to change something in ourselves, we have to constantly think about it and keep our “goal” in the front of our mind.

In fact, this “over-motivation load of crap” is the one responsible for keeping people stuck.

You have to find a certain level of motivation to create change, but that also involves knowing when to dismiss it from your mind and let it go.

The analogy here is with baking cookies in an oven.  If you put the dough in the oven but keep opening the oven door every minute to check if the cookies are done, they will never get finished!

All this constant thinking if you are progressing or not, is just another form of doubt. And my lesson here is that: hope and doubt is really the same thing. They both involve uncertainty. So when it comes to making progress, YOU SHALL NEVER HAVE HOPE!!!!!! My friend! I mean: NEVER! NEVER!

Once you’ve done your mental rehearsal, you need to let it go. Just release it, relax and know it will be there for you in the real world.

This BLOG is an important tool that I can use to change and is not one of those “self improvement” shallow talk cluttering the Web.  Any improvements that you make in your life are temporary. And if you think that what life is about is improving, you are screwed, because you’re automatically deprived of that what you are improving on. I guess there will be a lot more postings until this will become clearer, so stay tuned for the next steps in the journey!

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